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Hotel private features

A total of 10 rooms with en suite bathrooms.
  • 4 standard rooms
  • 1 premium room with a special view
  • 3 rooms with private garden spaces
  • 1 luxury garden suite,
  • 1 premium luxury room with its very own private roof terrace.

Hotel public space

Ground floor:
Two inner courtyards, one set up around a garden space and the other with public seating. Large common room adjacent the main garden courtyard.
Terrace floor:
The Orchid restaurant and bar space split between two main rooms and a roof terrace running alongside the courtyards.
Main public roof terrace open until 10pm and spanning the entire south and east sides of The Orchid.


Check-in time is 3pm
Check-out time is 12pm

Early arrivals and late departures

The Orchid is small, special place. Early arrivals are easy to manage and even without rooms to give there is plenty of comfort to enjoy while waiting for your room to be ready. Late departures can be organized as exceptions, depending on hotel occupancy. If a reasonably late departure or usually early arrival is expected reserving the day before or after is advisable.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations must be received at least 7 days prior to the expected date of arrival. If notice is given within 7 days, the deposit must be forfeited. Cancellations made immediately after a booking are not subject to any penalty. This is a small hotel - book only once you are certain of your travel dates!

Early Checkout Policy

As The Orchid is a small hotel with less than 50 rooms, checking out early causes problems by taking away the ability for other guests to book during that same period. Within 7 days of arrival or during your stay at The Orchid, a penalty of 1 night's room rate is charged upon cancellation of any number of days from the original booking. However, if these cancelled days manage to be rebooked by other guests the penalty is withdrawn.

Payment methods

Cash ¥RMB (US$, €,£ also accepted at current rate)
How far away is The Orchid?
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On foot..
  • 8 minutes to Drum and bell towers
  • 8 to nanluoguxiang
  • 10 to houhai lake
  • 15 to line 2 subway
  • 20 to beihai park
  • 25 to jingshan park
  • 30 to xihai lake
  • 30 to lama temple
  • 45 to line 4 subway
  • 45 to the north gate forbidden city
  • 60 to tiananmen square
  • 90 to olympics area
  • 540 to the airport
By bike.. (Get a bike!)
  • 2 minutes to Drum and bell towers
  • 2 to nanluoguxiang
  • 3 to houhai lake
  • 8 to line 2 subway
  • 8 to beihai park
  • 9 to jingshan park
  • 12 to xihai lake
  • 12 to lama temple
  • 20 to line 4 subway
  • 15 to the north gate forbidden city
  • 20 to tiananmen square
  • 35 to olympics area
  • 200 to the airport
By taxi..
  • 5 to beihai park
  • 5 to jingshan park
  • 10 to xihai lake
  • 10 to lama temple
  • 15 to line 4 subway
  • 12 to the north gate forbidden city
  • 12 to tiananmen square
  • 15 to olympics area
  • 45 to the airport